The emergence of strong leaders in Europe or how the European Union produces it’s own opponents
Viktor Orban in Hungary, Beata Szydlo in Poland and now Sebastian Kurz in Austria. Strong (wo-)men, who claim to be scrupulously
Elections in the Czech Republic – Another European country on the brink?
The Czechs are going to elect a new parliament on the 20th and the 21st of October. Read here why these elections are important for Europe and why
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A reform of the copyright for press articles meets with broad resistance in the European Parliament. The background is the fear that access to the free internet will be severely restricted.
How European is the European Parliament?
Every five years, all EU citizens elect the European Parliament. Though are these really European elections or rather 28 split-off national ones? And furthermore, how do the elected
EU-Roaming: Juncker home phone
Attention, attention: What follows is NO JOKE! As from the 15th of June 2017 onwards, the EU gets rid of what was called roaming charges up till now. Using your mobile within the foreign

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December 1, 2016

The “Lauten Europäer” introduce themself!

For over a year now the name “Laute Europäer” appeared on Facebook, Twitter and the Internet in general. But who is actually behind this name? What do they want to tell me? And should I really listen? At least the last question can be answered quickly: stopping by is worthwhile. But see yourself.