Alexander Schilin

Enrolled in school in Russia and socialized in the Rheingau, I was interested in politics and society early on. That is why I studied political science at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and now I am studying with the European Union at the University of Tübingen. If I am mistaken about the German party spectrum, I am now arguing party-independent for a Europe that is democratic and capable of action. Whatever policy we want to pursue over the next few decades, we must do so at European level and under the equal participation of all Europeans.

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Eberhard Beck

Born and raised in the Swabian land, through the bachelor's degree in the Middle Franconia, to Budapest and now to the master's programme back in the Swabian Tübingen. This is how the manageable curriculum vitae of Eberhard Beck looks like. In addition to international politics and American foreign policy and European foreign policy, I am particularly interested in human rights and the various facets of environmental policy.

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Henrik Domansky

Edgy, uncomfortable and simply an honest skin: Henrik Domansky is through and through a boy from the pot. After his school days, the professed Star Wars fan left his Dortmund home Gen Bremen. At the Weser, he not only had an academic degree in political science, but developed into a real Bremer Bonvivant. As a co-founder of Lute Europeans, Henrik is not only active as an author, but also our man for the ears. Thanks to him, our podcasts are established on iTunes. Offline, he is one of the main executives at Pulse of Europe in Tübingen. His view is based on European network policy and election campaign within the EU.

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Laura Springmann

Laura Springmann: 1.60 m tall and still great plans to save the world. Unfortunately, she has to stop studying international relations and European Science in Prague before. In so far as she is not to be found upside down on her mat, she deals with languages and diverse cultures. Currently, for example, in Morocco with Arabic and Islamic Politics & Society. The dream of world peace was largely destroyed by the study, but the will remains... at least to make education accessible to all and to promote mutual respect for all cultures and religions. She is gradually working towards this goal, which is why the chance to work on this blog is a great opportunity for her.

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Malte Born

"Born" in Paderborn and raised in the Westphalian metropolis of Münster. With his Abitur in his pocket as well as his first journalistic experiences, he went to Bamberg. In Upper-Franconia he studied not only various cellar beers, but also geography and political science. For his political science master with a focus on Europe converted Malte from Franconian to Swabian. In Tübingen he founded "Laute Europäer" and since then belongs to the clever competence-collective Franco-Allemand– and this with success: from autumn, he supports the social media department of Arte. Despite his commitment to European television, Malte remains an active author.

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Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen

Born in the capital city and raised in the sea town of Bremerhaven, Robert fell in the Swabian educational metropolis of Tübingen after graduating from the North Seas. In the university-city, he studied political science and general rhetoric with a stopover in Strasbourg until his bachelor's degree. In Alsace he not only spent a year studying at the renowned Sciences Po, but also met Martin Schulz and unfortunately forgot to make a selfie. Robert is a fan of the Hamburg Sports Club (HSV) and therefore has a high frustration tolerance. In addition, Robert looks to the future of the EU for the “Laute Europäer” and deals with questions about the European political culture. Since August, Robert has met the life in Copenhagen, studies at the Department of Political Science and continues to write for “Laute Europäer”.

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Fabian Schmitt

Fabian Schmitt

I was born in Swabia and grew up in Baden, so from childhood I met two diverse cultural worlds. I am currently studying law in Tübingen. I am particularly interested in public law, in other words all conflicts between the State and its citizens. We can only solve the many, interrelated problems of our century, poverty, climate change, migration and wars as Europeans. As a member of “Laute Europäer” I committed myself to this!

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Hjørdis Petersen

Hjørdis Petersen

Born and raised in Stuttgart, with small stopovers in Pune (India) and Berlin. Knowledge of the Swabian dialect are only sporadically present due to the roots in north German and Berlin. Nevertheless, there is a great enthusiasm for VfB Stuttgart and the Swabian way of life. After several years of study trip through Brussels, Maastricht and Amsterdam, which culminated in a master's degree at the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium), it has moved you to the tranquil Tübingen, where you will now enjoy the Studied jurisprudence in order to be able to draft EU regulations later. Until it is ready, she tries everything to persuade the citizens of Tuebingen of the uniqueness and magnificence of European integration – or the issue that French fashion, Norwegian names, British humour and Belgian beer somehow are compatible with European and therefore German identity. They particularly interest belongs to the legal subtleties of EU law and its interaction with German legislation as well as European economic and monetary policy.

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Lara Sosa Popovic

Half Paraguayan, quarter Serbin, quarter German, but wholeheartedly European. Lara was born in South America, attended the kindergarten in Cologne, the elementary school in the countryside and the Abitur in Stuttgart. Today she is studying political and administrative sciences in Konstanz and committed herself to the idea of Europa together with the Young European Federalists. By the way, she also met the “Laute Europäer” due to the Young Europeans when they met up in Berlin during the a workshop. Since then she has supported the “Laute Europäer” from Konstanz focusing on the Council of Europe in which she is member of the youth delegation.

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