About us

Be louder (lauter sein). This is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to the issue of Europe. Europe and the EU face ever more open and self-confident attacks by populists. However, a convincing, pro-European response to these attacks has so far hold off. We want to play our part in wresting the political debate on Europe from the populists and instead bringing them into the living rooms of European citizens. Above all, we strive for more objectivity and constructiveness, however criticism and polarizing opinions should not come too short.

There is a need to replace simple pessimism with constructive and informed optimism. No question! The EU has significant design flaws. However, European integration has definitely made us politically more capable of action. Against the backdrop of globalisation, the existing institutions and policy processes at European level should be improved rather than quickly demolished. We therefore have the claim to inform about European policies and institutions and highlight the benefits of European integration, without neglecting any shortcomings. Rather, they are addressed openly and discussed in a constructive way. We want to deal with European policy on a nonpartisan, factual and strong opinion. Understandable, interesting and relevant to everyone. We therefore stand for a dynamic Europe that everyone can shape and understand. We promote public and peaceful exchange about politics and their impact on our daily lives. Our food for thought is to make Europe talk, without the mere boring exchange of dyed half-knowledge or widespread articles in the mass media. In short: Europe should topic of the dinner-table!

We as “Laute Europäer” (loud Europeans) cannot be quite while right-wing populist candidates are on the rise. The election of Donald Trump in the White House led us to pull out all the stops to prevent similar things happening here in Europe. Although Le Pen and Wilders failed in their attempt to gain power there are still other worrying candidates and parties that we want to oppose. In addition, voter turnouts continue to go back. We are trying to change this development.

We want to deal with the issue of the European Union on an ongoing basis, with profound knowledge and clear statements in the foreground. Understandable for everyone, but nevertheless factual and scientific, the blog is to strengthen the European identity and at the same time make everyday discussions less populist and instead more stab-proof. We have a motivation and a goal, now we just need you, enthusiastic readers who comment, share but also discuss and criticize.

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